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AFSEC 2015 presentation - Maj Gen Martin Smith MBE Operation Commander

View Major General Martin Smith - MBE Operation Commander's presentation from The 2015 African Security Summit as he covers mandate, piracy business models and enduring solutions.

AFSEC 2015 presentation - Ali Mirah Chehem Daoud, Director - Djibouti Maritime Affairs

View Ali Mirah Chehem Daoud's presentation to learn more about the RMSP - Regional Maritime Security Program

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Security Considerations in Africa: eBook

Africa has been on something of a spending spree in the past few years, upping their stake in the global defence market while addressing urgent security challenges at home. For most states, reinforcing the reputation of a secure and civilised environment is the first step in encouraging foreign investment and commerce. Ahead of the African Security Summit, Defence IQ provides this collection of articles exploring issues including maritime piracy, armoured vehicles, strategic communications and EOD efforts across the continent...

Security in Africa: AFSEC Analysis 2017

"There is no development without security." For West African nations, wealth is tied intrinsically to local maritime routes used for exporting raw materials and exploiting the maritime economy, from fish to offshore oil and gas. Maritime security cooperation in the Gulf of Guinea has improved dramatically over the past decade and the recent break-through agreement in Zone D (Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon and ST&P) could be a major blueprint for maritime security cooperation globally. Read this latest Defence IQ analysis on the developments and challenges facing African security for the months ahead... More analysis is available at www.DefenceIQ.com

African Security: 2017 and Beyond

Despite African nations boosting defence spending in recent months, it is evident from their nature that transnational maritime security threats cannot be addressed by individual states in isolation. Although much progress has been made in the realm of maritime security, incidents of piracy and other transnational threats continue. Ahead of the annual AFSEC Summit (Casablanca; 30-31 May, 2017) Defence IQ surveyed those in its community involved in security in Africa. We discovered the levels of confidence, the requirements, and the priorities in the region. Read the results in this infographic.


East Africa preparing for new wave of violence

December 2014
The past year has seen its share of serious global security crises. From the political conflict that has arisen in Eastern Ukraine to the emergence of the extremist movement calling itself the Islamic State in Iraq, as well as the continued civil and border strife to be found in Syria and Israel, the world of today cannot be said to be a peaceful one. Wherever major conflicts ignite, governments, militaries, media  and the general public often shift their attentions away from the smaller – but by no means less urgent – instances of violence or those areas in which the balance of security remains unstable...

Seychelles Coast Guard plans further spending on surveillance

November 2014
For the Seychelles, protecting its 155 islands and an EEZ of 1.2 million square kilometres is paramount. Not only does the country rely heavily on the waters for its economic stability, its need to project a safe environment is vital in keeping its thriving tourist industry alive. In this endeavour, the Seychelles Coast Guard (SCG), a branch of the Seychelles People’s Defence Force (SPDF), provides the long blue line. Deputy Chief Lt Col Michael Rosette talks exclusively to Defence IQ about the equipment being considered for procurement...

African Defence Review: 'Security focus needs to look landward'

African Defence Review: 'Security focus needs to look landward'
A range of serious and fluid security challenges across the African continent has been driving the modest African armoured vehicles market over recent years, as well as the spectrum of other security solutions on offer to African militaries. Defence IQ spoke with John Stupart, editor of the African Defence Review. Having completed his masters in War Studies at Kings College, he now contributes to several publications on all things pertaining to African defence policy, strategic, operational and tactical challenges…

West Africa needs further foreign funded naval-development

In attending Defence IQ’s high-level AFSEC Conference in Casablanca last year, correspondent Georg Mader gained a deeper look into West African security- and maritime-security environment, characterised by multiple proliferations within an asymmetrical crisis. This crisis is typified by the likes of drug- or arms-trafficking and other kinds of illegal maritime activity...

Paramount Group: Chairman and CEO discuss the African defence market

Ivor Ichikowitz, Chairman, and John Craig, CEO of South Africa’s Paramount Group, discuss the company’s contribution to the African armoured vehicles market, the emergence of its jigless manufactured aircraft, and why the global defence industry needs to change its approach to Africa. Originally published in Defence Industry Bulletin (July 2015), this exclusive interview pulls no punches when it comes to assessing requirements for progress...