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By attending AFSEC 2017 you will:

  • Gain access to the defence leadership of a number of African nations and build a clear understanding of their priorities in order to effectively engage with national programmes, while contributing to the evolution of their ideas through panel and side-bar discussions
  • Exchange ideas and case studies on different methods of maritime security cooperation like the break-through agreement in Zone D (Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon and ST&P) that will be a major blueprint for maritime security cooperation globally
  • Build a crosscutting, international and multi-agency network of decision makers required to effectively evolve your international role; be that in the fight against transnational organised crime, or in maintaining business intelligence
  • Develop comprehensive awareness of the complexity and detail of the international security capacity building initiatives currently active in the region in order to establish opportunities for your organisation
  • Put maritime crime in context with ashore security and present your solutions that tackle the problem and not just the symptoms; Demonstrate that your method for combating transnational organised crime committed at sea targets leaders, financiers and enablers

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