Metal Shark Boats

Metal Shark Boats

Metal Shark Boats is a U.S. based boat and ship builder and has a reputation in the marine industry for its high level of expertise, superb quality and cost-effective boat construction for over three decades.

Metal Shark is a customer-focused, industry leader, delivering products tailored for the exacting requirements of our customers. Primarily focused on the military, law enforcement, and commercial sectors, Metal Shark has a wide range of existing designs, or can custom-design a boat based a customer’s specific mission requirements.

Metal Shark is a leading boat provider to the US Coast Guard, US Navy, US Army, US Air Force as well as other US government agencies and foreign militaries and law enforcement agencies throughout the world.

Metal Shark is the sole provider of the USCG Response Boat-Small (RB-S) and the U.S. Southern Command’s Counternarcotics Riverine Boat.

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